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Directorate of Revenue Intelligence

The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) was founded in 1950 to combat customs and excise violations. It was established to deal with all concerns relating to anti-smuggling and anti-corruption in the Customs and Central Excise agencies across India.

Investigation and Adjudication

DRI investigations are intrusive and adverse as compared with the regular audits undertaken by the Customs authorities. The DRI officers have pan India jurisdiction to undertake investigations which cover imports and exports made over a period of five years, which means the quantum of demand of duty, interest, and penalty is significant. Also, the duration of these investigations can extend up to several months, leading to a strain on the time, money, and resources of the concerned Company.

Such investigations not only have a financial impact but also incur reputational threats, business discontinuity, and legal and prosecution risks.

Engaging a lawyer in DRI cases is crucial to navigate the complexities of the legal system, protect rights, develop a strong defense, and seek a favorable outcome. Our expertise and experience significantly contribute to the client's chances of a successful resolution to the case.

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