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In general terms, an affidavit can be understood as a sworn statement or affirmation that serves as evidence. It provides assurance that all the points mentioned in the affidavit are true and accurate.

The authenticity of the affiant's signature in the statement is verified by an authorized individual, such as a notary public or commissioner of oaths, who acts as a witness to the affidavit. This ensures the credibility and validity of the statement.

TDA are crucial in aiding clients with affidavits, acting as guides, drafting, and reviewing these sworn statements. They ensure accuracy, oversee the oath, and witness signatures. Their role extends to explaining the affidavit’s purpose, representing clients in related court proceedings, and guaranteeing adherence to legal prerequisites. Ultimately, lawyers offer legal expertise, ensure compliance, and safeguard clients’ rights and interests in the affidavit process.

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